DEC Workforce is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the supply of aircraft maintenance engineers and support personnel to aircraft operators and maintenance facilities, both domestically and internationally.

We are a leading provider of support personnel in aircraft maintenance organisations within Australia as well as supporting line maintenance operations throughout Australia and the Pacific.

We currently employ highly skilled engineers and support personnel in all sectors of the industry including defence, commercial, and civil operations.

Experienced with both Fixed and Rotary Wing operations, our support capabilities range from the supply of aircraft type experienced support engineers to providing key personnel around Program Management, Stores Support, QA & Auditing and Planning Personnel.


Key Management

DEC Workforce was founded by company owner and managing director Shane De Clouett.

A structural aircraft maintenance engineer, Shane has over 24 years’ experience in the industry. Having completed his apprenticeship with Qantas Airways, Shane moved on to travel and build his experience across various aircraft types working in all sectors of the aviation industry.

Having worked initially in the commercial group 20 sector of the aviation industry, Shane progressed into contracting his services over the next decade to various operators and maintenance facilities including both rotary and fixed wing

His knowledge of the industry coupled with his belief in quality of service has allowed DEC Workforce to gain ISO 9001:2015 Certification under Shane’s Leadership.

Shane has created a business model where current aviation standards and practices are met and maintained with a focus on safety and quality.

Under his leadership, DEC Workforce continues to support contracts and place highly skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Support Personnel with well-known Commercial, Government, and Military operation throughout Australia and the Pacific.


What makes DEC the preferred choice?

Headquartered in Adelaide, DEC Workforce is an organisation built on the values of quality and safety.

Our people are quality people. Our large database of highly qualified and individually selected personnel allows us to supply engineers and support personnel with experience for your specific type of role.

Combining the necessary skillset, knowledge and experience to our customer’s requirements delivers a level of service we believe expected when engaging our services.

Our commitment to safety is paramount.

Beyond our commitment to aircraft maintenance, we also believe the safety of our engineers and others in the workplace is of equal importance.

From our staff induction process and internal policies, to the management of all personnel’s relevant training certifications, DEC Workforce uses its own custom built Contractor Management System to collect and manage all personnel documentation and qualification details.

We have formalised our workplace systems with IS0 9001 quality management certification. Not only have we gained ISO Certification DEC Workforce has been proactive in its transition to the 2015 standard which we have now held for 2 years.

Our commitment to delivering a service that our customers demand in a efficient, reliable, competent and compliant manner is the key to the success of DEC Workforce.

This commitment to service has us supporting Commercial, Defence and Civil aviation programs covering both Line and Heavy Maintenance operations.

This commitment to service also has DEC Workforce supporting Government and Defence programs including Australian Customs, Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Airbus Defence to name a few.

DEC Workforce maintains an active membership in several industry associations including the AHIA, RAAA and AMROBA.


How DEC Workforce can deliver for you

We provide aviation workforce personnel, whether you need a short or long-term solution.

We offer a comprehensive range of aircraft maintenance support services – from experienced stores personnel to manage your spare parts and supply, to maintenance and production planners handling your maintenance management and scheduling, to fly-in fly-out Aircraft On Ground response teams, to AME and LAME support services; DEC Workforce will provide the suitable engineers or support personnel for your requirement.

We believe the quality of our personnel is key to our company’s success – and you benefit because of this. Our comprehensive recruitment and induction programs see all DEC Workforce personnel be placed with a current ASIC pass, current DAMP testing and providing a recent police clearance report.

The personnel we deliver to you have that sought-after combination of a high skill set, a positive outlook and strong initiative.


A complete range of aviation services

Support Services are what we do.

Supporting aircraft operators, maintenance organisations and defence primes is what DEC Workforce does. Our business, is to support your business, with the best possible personnel so you can deliver your product and service to the highest standard in a efficient manner. Our engineers hold current Human factors, Police Clearances, ASIC passes and DAMP testing as a minimum standard and present with 145 compliant tool box and inventorys.


The supply of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers is a key part of our support services offered. Whether it be in a line mintenance or heavy maintenance position DEC Workforce is able to provide experienced type coverage for both fixed wing and rotary wing operations.

AME – Mechanical

DEC Workforce believes experience on aircraft type is crucial when supplying Mechanical AME’s to our customers. Whether it be a fixed or rotary wing aircraft, we match our engineer’s experience to our customer’s needs, so we supply personnel familiar with each aircrafts unique systems, procedures and processes.

AME – Avionics

Our avionics engineers are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of their trade, including extensive maintenance support of both line and heavy maintenance operations, cutting upgrade and modification programs to support private, commercial and government operations. With many years’ experience, our avionics engineers have become an integral unit within DEC Workforce, allowing us to provide services and support across all aspects of aircraft avionics including commercial and defence aircraft.

QA & Auditing

To complement our schedule of services and assist in providing our customers with a complete engineering solution, DEC now offer certified QA and Auditing Staff.

Whether it be a internal audit on company 145 procedures, or scheduled ISO compliance audits, we can assist with short term individual Auditing services, or provide a long-term addition to your internal quality department.

AME – Structures

Aircraft structures have been our core service from the beginning. Our highly skilled engineers are knowledgeable in both sheet metal and composite materials and are familiar with the di?erent manufacturers’ maintenance practices and use of materials.

AOG Support

Given the widespread footprint of both engineers and customers, DEC Workforce is able to offer a AOG service for our customers should a unscheduled defect arise.

From short-term B1 and B2 license coverage, to supplying a team of AME’s for larger Structural repairs, DEC can provide personnel at short notice to assist in recovering your aircraft should the unexpected happen. We’re here to help

Program Management

Given DEC Workforce’s involvement in multiple large-scale government and industry modification programs, our ability to provide experience around Program Management has been a natural evolution.

Ranging from basic program resources management through to key personnel working alongside CASA, DEC has played integral roles with multiple clients delivering the necessary outcomes for our customer’s needs.

Exterior finishings

We understand that first impressions count.

Our team of aircraft painters have been in the unique business of aircraft painting for many years. We provide services from full aircraft strip and repaints to smaller component repaints and touch ups.

If a full repaint is not required we can provide surface bu?s and polishes to rejuvenate surfaces dulled by harsh environments and working conditions.

Aircraft interiors

We can provide you with a full range of interior services. From full refurbishments to customised interior layouts, our team can provide design, modifications and trim repairs in adherence with strict material requirements.